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The Buzzz Box Magneto Timing Kit has been developed for Aviation Maintenance
and Vocational Schools.

This purpose of this Kit is to self-teach some of the basic electronic assembly skills. As an added bonus, when the student is finished, he/she will own a very valuable tool which will enable him/her to accurately set the ignition timing on piston aircraft engines.

This kit is ONLY available to A & P students through their instructors and will be constructed under the instructors supervision.

Over 9000 of these kits have been shipped. Many Aircraft Tecnhicians consider them to be a valuable part of their toolbox.

Please contact us for information ONLY if you are an instructor. We do not sell these kits to individuals, nor respond to individuals for information or construction help. That is only available through A&P schools and their instructors.

For the fastest response and information, please call us during
normal business hours, Central Time.

Or you can email us.
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